HSE Policy Statement

We are committed to the Health and Safety of People, Environmental stewardship, and the protection of Company assets. The Health and Safety of People is our greatest responsibility.

Our Health, Safety, & Environment Management System (HSEMS) defines the Company expectations regarding HSE policies, procedures, and practices. These expectations will be communicated and responsibilities identified. We will honor our commitments and accept accountability accordingly.

The foundation of our HSEMS is the assessment and control of risk to People, the Environment, our Assets and our Customer’s interests which provides direction regarding appropriate and effective decisions in everything we do. We will manage risk in the workplace the ICD Way:

Know, Understand, Do and Review:

  • To ensure personnel Know what to do, we will use the STRIPE Planning Process for all tasks.
  • The STAR Observation Process will be used to Understand if we are following the plan, reinforce desired behaviors and continuously identify and eliminate or mitigate hazards in the work place.
  • We will continue to Do what we planned unless a need to change the plan is identified. All personnel on ICD work locations have the responsibility, authority, and obligation to interrupt or shut down any unsafe act, condition or operation (commonly referred to as Stop Work Authority) with no fear of reprimand or negative repercussions. Changes to operating procedures, practices, design criteria, and equipment will receive an appropriate level of review and approval through the Management of Change Process.
  • To ensure the continuous improvement of our systems and processes, we will Review improvement opportunities and take action accordingly. All incidents and near misses will be reported. The Incident Management Process defines the appropriate level of fact finding, assessment of contributing causes, and implementation of corrective actions accordingly.

The HSEMS is not intended to address every eventuality and we accept that the Company expectations are the minimum basis in achieving Performance Excellence. People will make the difference.

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