Rig Manager

The Rig Manager is responsible for every aspect of the rig operations, including set up, take down and moving, along with the safety of all crew members. The Rig Manager is responsible for daily paperwork and other aspects of business pertaining to his or her assigned rig. The position is responsible for ensuring that his or her  rig operations comply with all environmental and government regulations, as well as company regulations. Responsibilities also include purchasing all expendables and rig supplies.


A Driller is responsible for the supervision of the crews that perform different tasks on the rig in accordance with the regulations of our customers, and all company policies, as well as rules regarding safety and all OSHA regulations. A Driller must constantly verify the equipment and record the data into a log. Most importantly, the Driller is responsible for the equipment and the safety of crew members during all operations.


A Derrickhand handles the uppermost section of the drilling string as it is brought from or lowered into the wellbore or drill hole and oversees some of the machinery on the rig with responsibility for the conditioning of the drilling fluid and the circulation machinery. The Derrickhand submits orders to the Rig Manager for all pump expendables and supplies pertaining to the mud pumps and mud systems. The Derrickhand spends a percentage of time up in the rig’s derrick and plays the lead role in stacking and guiding pipe as it is tripped in and out or reconnected into the hole. A Derrickhand works with the mud systems, monitors weight and mixes weight properly while reporting any changes. The position requires mixing chemicals, monitoring pump manifolds, and most importantly, good communication with the Mud Engineer and the Driller.


A Motorhand provides manual labor as required to operate and maintain the rig’s diesel and electric engines. The Motorhand submits to the Rig Manager orders for tools and replacement parts for these engines and is responsible for testing the machinery for operability and safety, while also being required to clean and maintain engines at all times. They also operate and maintain the boiler systems. Motorhands are responsible for the training, supervising and assisting of other crew members as required.


The Floorhand is responsible for assisting in setting up and taking down of the drilling rig and equipment, handling, sorting and moving drill tools, pipe, cement and other materials, in addition to maintaining a clean and organized work environment. The position is also responsible for the manipulation of the sections of pipe or drill stem at the rig floor during drilling. It is the duty of the Floorhand to remove and replace the strings of pipe or drill stem and/or drill bit.

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