Corporate Overview

Independence Contract Drilling is a premium land drilling services provider. From our Houston rig-up yard and corporate headquarters we develop and assemble our ShaleDriller® series rig design based on E&P operator feedback and field requirements. ShaleDrillers are designed for field safety, rig up and down with pins at man level - they are fast moving and capable of walking in multiple directions. The ShaleDriller series rigs are AC programmable, energy efficient BiFuel, and custom designed to be best in class for the development of our clients' most demanding and financially impactful exploration and development programs. We excel in shale plays and other areas where completions require long horizontal sections, drilling quickly and accurately to minimize open hole time and shale swelling. We also excel where multi-well pads offer the option to walk between well bores and provide the opportunity to plan 3 hour release-to-spud times.

Unlike skidding rigs, ShaleDriller's true multi-directional walking systems are not slowed down by mis-aligned wellbores and can walk over existing wellheads.

Each Independence Contract Drilling ShaleDriller rig is:


Fast Drilling – AC Programmable VFD Controlled

Energy Efficient

Fast moving - site to site

Fast moving - on site

In short, ICD ShaleDriller walking rigs provide a compelling value proposition to our customers, well above legacy mechanical and DC equipment and skidding AC rigs. The fine control of key drilling parameters offered by ShaleDriller drilling systems allows same-class wells to be drilled in half the time required by mechanical or DC equipment. The combination of the ShaleDriller’s “Safety by Design” engineering process, more efficient mobilization and AC/VFD drilling controls allows our customers to drill more wells per rig per year.

Independence Contract Drilling was founded in 2011 as a provider of premium integrated onshore drilling services.